Supporting women in Basse, Gambia

Over here and over there...

Over here we ponder over what food to buy in the supermarket to compose a week menu with enough variety and buy books about "making dinner with food scraps" because otherwise the refrigerator never gets empty. Over there they don't need to worry about these things; if there's enough money, there's rice. If there's still some money left, there will be fish or meat to complete the menu.

Over here we pick the best schools for our children, because in order to grant them the possibility to choose their academic future wisely after they've reached the age of 18, our children deserve the best foundation. Over there, there are no options. If they get there, the children go to grammar school. If the parents have enough money, the children go to secondary school and possibly university.

Over here we have commissions putting all their efforts in creating teaching tools that are educationally sound and grammar schools providing every pupil with books, pencils and a school diary for free. Over there, there's no common educational system and classrooms are packed with children. If the school has the financial means, the pupils get one pen and some sheets of paper for free.

Over here we're campaigning against child abuse and a system that doesn't offer equal chances in life to every individual. We design attractive billboards to convince people to talk about domestic violence. Over there a lot of women and children suffer violence and abuse almost every day. Both the police and the social service, with a minimum of tools, equipment and funds at their disposal, are doing their utmost to counter the scourge of abuse and domestic violence. Often it's to no avail.