Supporting women in Basse Manneh Kunda, Gambia

With and from you all...

Contano doesn't exist for our own purposes, on the contrary, Contano only exists for you all. In opening our hearts for the people "over there" we hope to create a platform of willingness from the people "over here". We strongly believe that by true kindness and by being perceptive for all ways of life we will be able to build bridges that will be able to overcome financial and cultural differences. By sharing experiences in both directions between people "from here" and people "over there" the distance between our two countries becomes negligible. In doing so we hope that the projects to which Contano is committed doesn't sound like a far away story.

Of one thing we are convinced: a small effort "over here" really does mean a big change "over there".

We realize that our ambitions are high, but even so happiness can be found in small things!